BIGGEST Igloo Pinata - Christmas

BIGGEST Igloo Pinata in Singapore!

Tired of boring Christmases?

Not sure what to do with your friends and family?

Limited supply only as production takes a long time!

  • -Great for gatherings with friends and family!
  • -Comes with a variety of treats including a logcake!
  • -Grab the treats you want!

For any enquiries, please kindly direct contact us at +65 9853 7771  or

+65 8768 5147 for assistance.


BIGGEST Igloo Pinata - Christmas

  • -Xmas Logcake x1
    -Xmas Cupcakes x6
    -Xmas Cookies x12
    -Chocolates and Candies
    -Xmas accessories 

    *Chocolate, Candies & Accessories will be included Randomly