Two-Sided Longevity And Anniversary Money Pulling Cake

Freshly Baked to Order!

Our Fresh Cakes are coated with buttercream.
Our Cakes require 3 to 5 working days in ADVANCE. 
For urgent or last minute order, please kindly direct contact us at

+65 9853 7771 for assistance.

  • The Artificial flowers are inedible and is for decoration purposes only.
  • Flowers color sometimes slight different and base on availability.



After making a purchase of our money pulling cake, customers will have to decide on the amount that they want to put inside and choose the denominations for it. The maximum amount of notes that we can put in is 25 pieces. (E.g $10x15, $50x10)

We will then reach out to you 3-5 days before the due date for the transaction of the money pulling. Please do not hesitate to contact us at +65 9853 7771 for any further questions.


Real money will be used for money pulling
Money will be sealed with transparent plastic for Hygiene Purposes.
Kindly note that only the following notes can fit: 
$2, $5, $10, $50, $100

Two-Sided Longevity And Anniversary Money Pulling Cake

    • Cakes & Cupcakes with buttercream or fondant frosting can sit out for a few hours in cool temperature. Fresh cream frosting must be kept chilled at all times. 
    • Do not place the cakes & cupcakes under direct heat.
  • Complimentary candles and a plastic cake knife will be provided only for WHOLE cake orders. Please indicate the correct number of big and small candles required in your order.