Hens Night Cupcakes (6pcs)

Freshly Baked to Order!

  • Minimum Order: 6pcs /box
  • 6pcs Cupcakes
  •     -1 cupcake of 2 people

        - 3 dicks

        - 1 boobs

        - 1 butt

  • Orders for Cupcakes to be made at least 3-5 days in advance.
  • For urgent or last minute order, please kindly direct contact us at +65 9853 7771 for assistance.

Hens Night Cupcakes (6pcs)

  • NOTE:
    The price of the Cupcake is fixed.
    Additional cost may apply for special request.

    Kindly contact us at

    +65 9853 7771  for assistance.

    • Cakes & Cupcakes with buttercream or fondant frosting can sit out for a few hours in cool temperature. Fresh cream frosting must be kept chilled at all times. 
    • Do not place the cakes & cupcakes under direct heat.