Frequently asked questions

How long in advance do I have to make an order? 蛋糕需要多久下订单?

Please place your order with minimum 3 to 5 days advance notice. For last minute orders, please do not hesitate to contact us at +65 9853 7771。Subject to availability , discussion and approval. 请您提前三到五天下订单,我们将为您精心准备最新鲜的蛋糕。 临时订单,请联络我们的服务部门 +65 98537771

Do you provide delivery service? 我们有外送服务吗?

Delivery @ $25 Island-Wide delivery.
*This is not applicable during peak holidays/events like the first 3 days of Chinese New Year, Valentine's day, Mother's Day, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day. 全岛外送服务 @ $25 不包括节日,公共假期。

Where do I self-collection? 自取地址

430 Upper Changi Rd, #01-105, East Village, Singapore 487048 Operating Hours: Tuesday: Closed Mon,Wed to Sunday: 10.00am - 7.00pm (+65 9853 7771) 店铺地址位于在新加坡
430 樟宜路上段East Village#01-105 新加坡邮区487048 营业时间 星期二休息 星期一,星期三到星期天: 10.00am - 7.00pm (+65 98537771)

Am I allowed to cancel my order after ordering? 我已订购蛋糕,可以取消吗?

Yes you can, but you'll be subjected to a penalty of 20% of your orders. 可以,不过我们会收20%的取消费。

How do I place an customised cake order? 如何预定定制蛋糕?

Kindly provide us:- 1) Event Date/Time 2) Cake design/ no. of pax the cake is catered for. WhatsApp or call us at +65 9853 7771 (Preferred Whatsapp), 请提供:- 1)活动日期和时间 2)蛋糕图案/几寸的蛋糕

联络方式:Whatsapps +65 9853 7771

What are the cake flavours? 我们有什么蛋糕口味?

Popular 受欢迎: ❤ | Chef’s Recommendation 蛋糕师傅推荐★ Cake Flavours 口味:
1. Classic Vanilla 香草
2. Lychee Rose 荔枝❤
3. Fresh Mango Shortcake 芒果 ❤
4. Choco Nana 巧克力香蕉
5. Fresh Strawberry Shortcake 草莓❤
6. Rainbow Cake (1 Tier Only) 彩虹
7. Earl Grey Passion Fruit 伯爵百香果 8. Key Lime 经典青柠★
9. Red Velvet Cream Cheese 紅絲絨
10. 66% Dark Choco Fudge 66% 黑巧克力❤ 11. 100% Mao Shang Wang Durian 100% 猫山王榴莲

How long do your cakes last? 蛋糕能持续多久

As our cakes are freshly made from scratch with no preservatives, we recommend you enjoy our cakes on the day picked up/delivered or within 2 days. 我们的蛋糕是新鲜烘培,没有防腐剂。我们建议当天享用或放冰箱两天之内。

Are we halal-certified?

We are not a halal certified bakery. However, we do not use any pork gelatin, lard, nor alcohol in our cakes.

Q & A Money Pulling Cake 拉钱问答题

Q: Is the Pulling Money included in the cake price?
A: No, the pulling money is not included in the cake price.
Q: How much can I put inside the cake?
A: The maximum amount of notes that we can put in is 25 pieces. (E.g $10x15, $50x10) Kindly note that only the following notes can fit:
$2, $5, $10, $50, $100, $1000 Q: Are we using New Notes for Money Pulling? A: No, we are not specifically using new notes. If you insist on new notes, do pass us in-store at least 3-5days before the event. Q: Can I put other currencies other than Singapore dollars?
A: Yes, you can, you need to pass us in-store at least 3 -5 days before yours event. Q: How do I transfer/pay for money pulling amount? 1) You may transfer via paynow to +65 98537771 2) Transfer to OCBC Current Account 687576629001 3) New Notes from customer, kindly pay us by cash in-store, at least 3-5days before your event. Q: How does the money pulling works? A: The Money will be sealed with transparent plastic for Hygiene Purposes. The money will be connected to the money pulling mechanism. When you pull the topper, the money will follow as well. Q: Can I put (Real) lottery tickets?
A: Yes, you can. You need to pass us the real lottery tickets 3days before the event. Please note the ticket will be slightly folded at the sides to fit in the slot, as it is wider than money notes. Q: Can I customised money pulling cake?
A: Yes, you can. Kindly contact our production (+65 98537771) for assistance.